***VULGARITY DISCLAIMER! There are an excessive amount of profanities vomited forth from our sound holes during this episode's game, which begins around the 1 hour 38 minute mark. If you are opposed to that, please skip until around 1 hour 52 minutes when we start our Top 5. THANK YOU***

Hey there, Gamers, and welcome back to Episode 44!! In this episode we talk all about Chess, Mandala, Gugong, The Voyages of Marco Polo, Animix, Plunderbund and more!! We give Spirit Island the Boardgame Beatdown treatment, and have a surprise game for an impromptu Boardgame Buildup segment!

We play a new game called FMK (you'll understand when you get there) and then end things off with our Top 5 Heavy Games!!

Hope you enjoy!

-The Gamecasters

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