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There are SO many podcasts about board games, but so few that feature us! Join Natalie, Jeff and Ryan as we discuss new games we‘ve recently played. Listen to our unique segments like the Boardgame Beatdown, where we take a super popular game and read all the lowest rated BGG comments it has, or the Instagram Inbox where we ask for participation from our listeners on social media. We also usually play some sort of game that you can play along with, and we always end the show with a Top 5 list! There is a lot of content, discussion and laughter packed into every episode. Come join in the fun every other Sunday!!!

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6 days ago

Hey there, gamers, we're back again with another episode! Hear us talk all about anger inducing dreams, new movies, games, incomprehensible sentences with the Board Game Speak Out game Jeff prepared for us, and then we end the show with our top 5 games we would take with us in an emergency situation like a flood, or if the house was on fire. Enjoy the show!! -The Gamecasters

Sunday May 15, 2022

Welcome back, Gamers, to another Gamecasters Adjacent Episode! In this week's episode Ryan talks all about HOW to teach boardgames. What to do and more importantly what NOT to do to provide the best learning experience for the players. Hope you enjoy!  -The Gamecasters

Monday May 09, 2022

**DISCLAIMER** Ugh we got a new computer to record on, and it wasn't until AFTER we recorded the episode that there was some audio setting turned on that made the audio sound like we're underwater at best, and like your ears will bleed at worst. We're very sorry for the lack of quality this episode, but the issue has been fixed and so we'll be back with the usual quality (sound, not content, we can never guarantee that will be any good) next episode :)   Hi there, Gamers, and welcome back to episode 89 of The Gamecasters! In this episode we talk all about some hot new games, we hear excuses why our listeners lost a game in this episode's Instagram Inbox, Natalie beats down Go, we play another association station, and then we end the show with our top 5 quick-to-play games. Hope you're able to enjoy despite the audio stupidity! -The Gamecasters

Monday May 02, 2022

Hi there, Gamers, and welcome to another Gamecasters Adjacent Episode! Today I talk all about getting people into the hobby, and how much fun that can be, how to not begin conversations with potential nons, and what things worked for me. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday Apr 24, 2022

Welcome back, Gamers, to episode 88 of the show! In today's episode we talk all about Russian Mail Order Brides, Pooping In The Shower, Games, Selena Gomez Sex Dolls, Natalie beats down Gaia Project, and then we play a game and end the show with our Top 5 Excuses Why We Just Lost That Game! Hope you enjoy! :) -The Gamecasters

Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Hey hey, Gamers, and welcome to Episode 87 of The Gamecasters! In today's episode we talk all about Jeff's newly created madboardgamette, he tells a story about a special kind of utensil, we beat down Welcome To, play a game of First Letter Last Letter and then end the show with our top 5 games that begin with the letter "M."   Hope you enjoy the show!!   -The Gamecasters

Monday Apr 04, 2022

Hi there, Gamers, and welcome to the next episode in the Gamecasters Adjacent series! In tonight's episode Ryan talks all about Content Creation, and what he thinks are the necessary things you need to be a successful creator in this space. If you're considering starting a podcast or a Youtube channel about boardgames, or if your current podcast or channel isn't growing like you thought, this may be the episode for you!! Thanks for listening, and we'll be back next week with another flagship episode of The Gamecasters podcast!

Sunday Mar 27, 2022

Hi Gamers, and welcome to another Gamecasters Adjacent episode!! In this one Ryan talks all about our boardgame collections and what they might say about us as people. Is your collection a reflection of your personality? Listen in to hear about this as well as tips to get your collection under control, you animals! We'll hopefully be back in two weeks with another flagship episode while Jeff gets acclimated to the new little lady he and Devon welcomed into the world just over a week ago :) -The Gamecasters

Sunday Mar 13, 2022

Hi there, Gamers and welcome to episode 86! In this episode we talk about a lot of games as well as some expansion! I share a song I wrote for Natalie, Jeff reads us the board game equivalent of all of your genitalia. Natalie beats down The Crew, we play ANOTHER Association Station and then end the show with our top five games that start with the letter T, that AREN'T the T-games. Hope you enjoy! -The Gamecasters

Monday Mar 07, 2022

Hey Gamers, and welcome to Episode 4 of the Gamecasters Adjacent! In this episode Ryan talks about the art of expressing opinions on games and what value there is in statements like "This game is fun!" or "This game is boring!" He tries to get to the heart of why it's so difficult to express what you're feeling and offers some advice on how to get around it. Hope you enjoy!   -The Gamecasters


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